Thank you for your interest in working with me! Please take a look at some notes below. When ready, you can see an up-to-date list of opportunities here where all questions regarding opportunities will flow through michael.yip.ucsd@gmail.com.

Undergraduates / Graduate students looking for research opportunities:

Due to the high volume of email I receive from students, I am unable to respond to all requests -- this is not meant to be mean-spirited! If an opportunity is available based on your background, I will certainly respond to your email. Thus, follow up emails are not necessary -- be assured that, if you send an email to michael.yip.ucsd@gmail.com, I will have read it. If you are applying to UCSD and do not get a reply from me, do not be discouraged --- I still highly encourage you to apply UCSD! For MS/PhD students, if you have a fellowship support, please be sure to let me know as well. I do not provide fellowship support for undergraduate or MS students.

If you choose to email me, please attach your CV, Transcripts and a statement about your interests. Otherwise, you may not receive a reply. There are several qualities that I look for in good students:

(i) high GPA

(ii) focus in coursework in relevant areas of robotics and artificial intelligence, and

(iii) research experience or significant project experience (e.g. lead of robotics club, worked for a robotics company)

If you have strengths in these two areas, please send me an email. If you come from an established lab that works on the same research community (e.g. do we cite each others' papers?) then feel free to let me know in your email.

Successful students tend to have ideas to bring to the table, are constantly reading up on the newest related literature, and have developed some direct knowledge-base on their own (in extra curricular activities, personal time, etc.) prior to joining the lab. This shows that they have a true passion and dedication in what they do, which is an essential quality.

Note on admissions: I do not have a say in admissions to UCSD. I am more open to chatting about research opportunities after you have been accepted to UCSD. If you have done very relevant work in my research fields and are looking to join my lab as a graduate applicant, then feel free to let me know in advance and I can tell you about suitability.

Postdoctoral Candidates

Applications to work in my lab will be handled in a case-by-case basis. Please see opportunities list.